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TB-99 - DB9 Female to 9-Pin Terminal Block Adapter

This TB-99 DB9 female to screwless 9-pin terminal block adapter provides a convenient and quick solution to convert a DB9 male serial port to a 9-pin terminal block for easy and fast wiring in RS-422/485 applications. The terminal block provides complete data signals for connecting RS-422/485 field wiring to a serial port. The nine signals of the terminal block are connected directly to the 9 pins of the DB9 female connector, and they are marked on the enclosure for easy signal identification.

The adapter is featured with screwless terminal block with spring clamps for easy connection and release of wires. User can turn the thumbwheels easily to lock the adapter securely to the serial port. The compact adapter design allows multiple TB-99 adapters to be added to the serial ports of all types of multiport serial boards, Ethernet to serial device servers, USB to serial adapters, RS-485 converters and many other serial devices without interference mechanically.


  • Converts DB9 female to 9-pin terminal block

  • Screwless terminal block with spring clamps for easy and fast wiring

  • Terminal block provides complete 9 signals connecting directly to the 9 pins of the DB9 female connector

  • Terminal Block Wire range:
  • Solid/Stranded wire (AWG)     20-26
    Wire strip length                      8.5-10.0 mm / 0.34-0.39 inch
    Power Rating                          DB9: 250V, 1.5A. Terminal Block: 300V, 2A
    Operating temperature
              -40°C to 115°C ( -40°F to 239°F )

  • Dimensions:               35 (L) x 43 (W) x 17 (H) mm
                                      1.38 (L) x 1.69 (W) x 0.67 (H) inch
RS-232 DB9 Female

RS-232 DB9 Female Connector Pin-outs

DB-9 Female to 9-pin terminal block

  DB9 Pin terminal block  
  1 1  
  2 2  
  3 3  
  4 4  
  5 5  
  6 6  
  7 7  
  8 8  
  9 9